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Fresh fruitItalian cooking for family sunday lunch

Italian cooking for family sunday lunch

Ideas for Sunday lunch with many easy and quick recipes to make in a short time, but special. In this list, delicious and tasty first courses, quick and tasty main courses, greedy and delicious desserts await you with which to end your Sunday menu on a grand scale!

What to cook for Sunday lunch? Here are 15 quick and easy recipes to make in a short time and bring to the table for Sunday lunch without too many thoughts. You don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen but don’t want to give up on your guests? Then these recipes are for you!

First courses on Sunday
Sunday main courses
Sweets for Sunday lunch
We offer you first courses based on pasta, rice and other special and delicious dishes. Then again tasty but simple to prepare main courses and finally delicious desserts for the complete and stress-free Sunday menu!

Can you smell it? Well yes, it’s them! These are the dishes prepared according to the typical recipes of the grandmother that we suggest for your family lunch!



Recipes with bechamel, because we can never have enough FIRST DISHES ON SUNDAY Let's start this collection of recipes for the Sunday menu with the easiest and most delicious first courses based on pasta, rice and other cereals. .

Cominciamo questa raccolta di ricette per il menu della domenica

Baked pasta is a simple recipe among the most popular of the Italian tradition, which is prepared with a few ingredients, classics for our cuisine. Just get some tomato sauce and mozzarella to give life to one of the tastiest baked first courses that is prepared especially on a feast day to spend with the family, such as Sunday. Baked pasta is a true delight for the palate and for the taste buds, a complete food and so rich in ingredients that it could be considered a single dish. The secret to textbook baked macaroni? We will reveal it to you in our recipe with which you will prepare a truly unique and delicious baked pasta without meat and without bechamel, if you are looking for some more delicious variant, with potatoes or aubergines for example, continue reading to discover ingredients and Preparation.

Baked pasta

We begin the preparation of our baked pasta with the realization of the tomato sauce. Put a drizzle of oil and half of the chopped onion in a high-sided saucepan. Brown the onion and when it is wilted: pour the tomato puree. Season with salt as required. If you have fresh basil available, pour it into the sauce. Cook for about 20 minutes. Put it on a pan with salted water and bring it to a boil, remembering that the rule for optimal cooking of pasta is to use 1 liter of water for every 100 grams of pasta. When the water has reached temperature, pour the pasta you have chosen. The traditional baked pasta recipe calls for macaroni, but if you don't have them at home, you can use any short pasta. The important thing is that you check the cooking times written on the package well because you will have to remove the pasta a few minutes before so that it is al dente. Cut the mozzarella into very small pieces and squeeze them to make them lose the milk (and therefore avoid that your macaroni in the oven are watery). Leave it to rest in a colander while you do not finish the other preparations in the line.

The baked pasta proposed above is very simple and light because it is prepared with a basil sauce. But if you want a more substantial dish: try the following variations that see savory elements in the ragù such as meatballs, cooked ham, salami and mortadella, your guests will certainly ask for an encore! You don’t like tomato sauce and want to prepare a white oven-baked pasta? Do not worry, we also have proposals to make au gratin with and without bechamel.

The dish proposed above is perfect for those who follow a vegetarian diet, but if it is something richer that you want to bring to the table then the baked pasta with meat sauce is the one for you. Instead of the simple sauce with basil you will have to cook the ragù with minced beef.

Neapolitan baked pasta is perhaps the oldest of our culinary traditions. In fact, it is prepared by making small meatballs to flavor the sauce, and adding fresh ricotta and Neapolitan salami to garnish the dish. It is from this ancient tradition that the Italian-American spaghetti with meatballs that our immigrants cooked in the United States were born (using spaghetti instead of pasta because they are easier to make with fresh pasta).

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